Toby Sowery Promising Debut in LMP2 Racing with Algarve Pro Racing at Sepang

Hot off his successful LMP2 test in America, Toby flew straight to Malaysia for round one of the Asian Le Mans Series at Sepang for his LMP2 race debut in the #25 Algarve Pro Racing car, alongside Colin McMurry and Freddie Tomlinson.

Sowery showcased remarkable adaptability and despite the challenges encountered over the weekend, including a fuelling mishap in race one, several safety cars, torrential rain and a penalty for Tomlinson in race two,  Sowery’s seamless integration into the Algarve Pro Racing team was evident.

“I’m happy with the progress made over this debut weekend in Le Mans Prototypes,” Sowery remarked. “It’s been a learning curve but a successful one. I had fun carving through the GT3 and LMP3 traffic in both  races at Sepang.”

Acknowledging the learning curve involved in transitioning to the ORECA 07-Gibson and the complexities of LMP2 racing, Sowery expressed satisfaction with his performances and integration within Algarve Pro Racing.

Team Principal Stewart Cox praised Toby’s swift adaptation to the challenges of LMP2 racing emphasising Sowery’s significant contribution to the team’s solid performance “Toby was strong on his tyres and was as quick as the leaders, which gives us a solid foundation for the rest of the season.” Cox remarked.

Looking ahead, Toby Sowery remains determined to continue making strides in the Asian Le Mans Series, building on the experience gained at Sepang and setting his sights on further achievements in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.



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